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  • Promoting a Website vs Mobile App: Differences in the Marketing Strategy
    June 16, 2020 No Comments It’s easy to assume that promoting an app and a website requires pretty much the same strategies.   They both fall into the digital marketing realm, so how far apart can they be, right? Wrong. Of course, there are some overlaps, similar terminology, and they both require constant updates. But the means of going about these differ in nearly every detail. If you’re using the same marketing strategy for your app as you are your site, you’re undoubtedly missing out

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  • Brand Terms Defined – At Least 25 Of Them
    June 14, 2020 No Comments Audience Your audience, or your target market, is the group of people that your business is engaged with. Also, it is the group of people that you are attempting to persuade to purchase your product/service. Your audience is the group of people that are able and willing to purchase your product/service. Both must be true for your audience to be the ideal market for your business to engage with.   Brand Your brand, in my own words, “Is the personality

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  • Top 10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing
    February 11, 2020 No Comments     When creating a new online marketing campaign for our customers we are asked about social media, why should you work on it and how that can help. As there are so many social networks, with each being aimed at a different group,  sometimes our customers feel overwhelmed and their first reaction is to try and avoid some of them. That is why we took the decision in write about the top ten benefits of social media marketing. Ok...

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